The Modern Dickens Project: A new old approach to fiction

"The collective story of contemporary Iowa is a mystery. That much was determined in August, when John Domini wrote the first chapter for The Modern Dickens Project, a collaborative serial novel that aims to showcase potentially unknown Iowa authors... Participants have 23 days to write and submit a chapter draft that builds on previous chapters." More at the <a href=>Des Moines Register</a>, and the full text of the first chapter Sept. 1 is at the <a href=>Project web site</a>.


Here is some of the language from the website.

Much like Charles Dickens did a century before with his serial stories of industrial London, the Modern Dickens Project is a chance for artists to break through the stereotypes of what many idealize as the “Heartland,” and give a voice to our invisible communities. By highlighting blemishes, we can in turn illustrate truth.

Translation: The heartland is an oppressive place. Invisible communities are kept under the oppressive thumb of their closed minded midwestern neighbors. By pointing out how the average midwesterner is an oppressor we can get to the truth.

** Speaking of stereotypes this is a huge one. The midwest is full of "invisible communities" that need to be given a voice. I don't think there are anymore invisible communities than anywhere else in the country. Speaking of oppression if you are gay and want to get married you can do that in Iowa.

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