A Model for Alternative Scholarly Recognition Measures in Academic Librarianship?

Eric Schnell points to The New Media Department and The University of Maine where they amended their promotion and tenure guidelines (all the way) back in 2007 with redefined criteria in the form of alternative recognition measures. Their documents identify nine alternatives to the standard 'article in a peer-review journal' model. He thinks the measures can be applied to library science since many aspects of LS has similar accessibility and timeliness requirements for their research/scholarship.
1. Invited / edited publications
2. Live conferences
3. Citations
4. Download / visitor counts
5. Impact in online discussions
and 4 more...


Facebook pokes?
Twitter followers?
Scribd views?

I think all scholars should repost any relevant research from professional articles (published or not) as tweets with ow.ly links to the full article.
They should also post extended abstracts on Scribd.

Each item gets indexed which makes you more visible. It's not strictly "recognition" ...until your name become ubiquitous. When everyone knows your name, don't you win some sort of prize?

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