MN Library is pressed to take gang force report off Web

Minneapolis Star Tribune:
The legislative library rebuffed demands by police lawyers who argued that the public document should be removed because it names undercover officers.

"It was pretty amazing," said Library Director Robbie LaFleur. "I have been here 20 years, and no one really has questioned these publicly available reports before."


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"Librarian loves plants, hates cops" is a better headline

"It was pretty amazing," said Library Director Robbie LaFleur. "I have been here 20 years, and no one really has questioned these publicly available reports before."

So in 1989, the library was posting these documents on a gopher server? That is amazing.

There's a lot of "publicly available" information: the bank that holds your mortgage; the photo from the night you got busted for punching the drummer from that terrible Poison cover band;..

"But the director refused, saying she does not censor public documents."

since when is posting documents online some freedom we all need and if we didn't have it, we'd perish? the document is not censored just because it's not available online. I guess she has some new dictionary I haven't seen yet.

Police UNION lawyers

It was not police department lawyers, but police UNION lawyers. It was not government lawyers requesting the removal, but union lawyers. That is a remarkably important difference which was not conveyed in the article.


We;d like to welcome all the locally-involved, pissed off, axe-grinding anonymous posters who have joined us. I look forward to your progress to stage 2: insulting political figures no one here has heard of.

Oh, sorry I didn't know.

So clarifying the blurb by stating facts in the article is locally-involved, pissed off and axe grinding.

I'm sorry Chuck, I didn't know this site was reserved solely for assholes.

Feel free to delete my posting.

Librarians are so truthful, and allow open discussion.

I'll never post again. Please pardon my pedestrian interjection.


anonymous 1:11, you are awesome.

that is all.

Chuck speaks for himself and nobody else

Chuck does not represent the views of the site's owner let alone his management policies.

If you have a complaint about Chuck's behavior, hit the contact form and set forth your case. That's the only way anything can change or otherwise happen.

The invitation to delete what you wrote will presumably be interpreted by management as a wish to have such preserved.
Stephen Michael Kellat, MSLS


O look, someone on the Internets mildly hurt your sensitive eFeelings. I can see why my post containing no actual, you know, insults got every one so angry.

There's a pretty wide open space between being an "ass" (me) and destroying everyones happygood, open discussion whiskeysexytime Librariapalooza.

If it matters, I didn't flag dude's post as anything since it's the Internets, not life or anything resembling it. He can write scatological haiku about me and the President for all I care.

Jeez, bunch of whiny old hens.

Tired of snark


I am a long time LISNEWS reader and I am tired of your snarky comments. If you have something constructive or useful to say go ahead but if not please don't post.

Of course you have the RIGHT to post. I am not commenting on your RIGHT to post.

in my defense

My mom thinks I'm funny.

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