Mid-Columbia (WA) Libraries Director Fired

The executive director of Mid-Columbia Libraries was dismissed from her $110,000-a-year-job Monday night following an executive session with the board.

Gloria Garcia, board chairwoman, said the decision to end Danielle Krol's employment was difficult but the best thing for the library district.

"(She) was dismissed immediately, without cause, as allowed by her contract," Garcia said Tuesday in a phone interview.

Krol, 60, who became executive director in 2004, was not available for comment.

Kyle Cox, the library's administrative services director, was chosen by the board to be the "Mid-Columbia Libraries person in charge," Garcia said, adding that he will not assume the title of interim executive director.

Prior to going into what became a 90-minute executive session, the board considered and approved a travel request from Krol, who asked to make a one-day side trip from attending the American Library Association Conference in Washington, D.C., in June to tour the award-winning public library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County in North Carolina. Garcia said the firing made the planned trip unnecessary.

Krol's predecessor, Phelps Shephard, had been the executive director for 10 years before also being fired for an undisclosed reason in September 2003. Several commentators apparently feel that the firing was overdue; read more in the Tri-City Herald.


Yeah, and?

If cities can get directors at lower salaries they should try and do it and save the taxpayers some money. The caveat of this is that the person has to be qualified.

Open the job for $80,000. If qualified people apply and one of them accepts the job at 80k you are paying market price. If no qualified people apply at 80k then you need to raise the salary.

With the 30k saved the city can employ at least another part time person or buy 30k more of library materials.

I think cities need to work harder to find the salary that is high enough to obtain qualified people but not higher.

The idea that a library director should NOT make 110,000 a year is absurd.
So is the idea of the caveat that the person has to be qualified. The taxpayers do not DESERVE to get to pay lower salaries to professionals simply because they are taxpayers.

The taxpayers should not have to pay over market value for library directors. If a qualified person will do the job for $80,000 then the market price is $80,000. Why should the taxpayers have to pay $110,000 when they can get a qualifies person at 80k?

What is your basis for setting the salary at $110,000? What makes paying less than $110,000 absurd?

Nowhere in my argument did I say that taxpayers get to pay less because they are taxpayers. I think the taxpayers should pay market prices. If a qualified person will work for $80,000 then that is a market price. Maybe no one qualified will work for that price. In that case the salary is to low and needs to be raised.

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