MI Court rules state can not meddle with library fees

Court rules state can't meddle with library fees
State education officials can't interfere with local libraries that charge fees to patrons who live in other communities, the Michigan Court of Appeals said in a decision released Wednesday.


Really? Michigan courts allowing local libraries to charge fees to patrons who live in other communities? Do the Michigan courts care about the huge amounts of money Michigan libraries are defrauding from the federal government by falsely swearing to CIPA compliance? You'd think with all the fraud in Michigan a Michigan library could afford not charging fees to patrons who live in other communities. Whoda thunk? See "Michigan Libraries at Risk of Massive E-Rate Fraud; Michigan Library Privacy Act May Need Amending."

All this is my opinion, of course, but the facts on which I base my opinion are open to all.

If you actually consider the facts regarding this case instead of an unrelated issue, the conclusion is rather apparent.

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