The Merry Librarian: True Stories from a Library Near You…No "Shh"!

Here's a new website for librarians to check out, The Merry Librarian(, and features true stories submitted by librarians from around the world. The stories range from hilarious to heartbreaking; and anyone who has ever worked in a library will both enjoy the stories and relate to the outrageous situations librarians find themselves in.


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Merry Librarian

Poignant, warm, funny, and heartfelt are some of the words that come to mind that describe this website. It's amazing!

Thank you!

I appreciate your readership. :) Feel free to nominate my site as a "Blog to read in 2010" either by email ( or by posting here:

Thanks, again! :)

Merry Librarian Blog

I really enjoy the blog and love it when a new post is up. The blog is easy to read and get around in.

Love it!

Just visited this site, and I love it! Thank you!

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