Mendik Library's DRAGNET wins AALL Law Library Publication Award

The Mendik Library’s DRAGNET has won the AALL 2011 Law Library Publications Award, Nonprint Division. The award honors "achievement in creating in-house library materials that are outstanding in quality and significance." DRAGNET (Database Retrieval Access using Google’s New Electronic Technology) is a Google Custom Search engine that only looks at 100 highly-recommended free legal databases and web sites. It was developed over the summer of 2010 in a highly collaborative effort with input from all librarians. It includes a mix of governmental and organizational sites with an emphasis on New York. A DRAGNET search bar is now included in the page the library has maintained since 2009 tracking 150 law journals with free online content, and there is a third DRAGNET that searches the constitutions and codes of the 50 states and federal government. All of these are found at . The library will be developing a web page that will give step-by-step directions for creating similar engines that could be created by law librarians to reflect their own regions.

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