Memorial Statue Stolen in Long Island

How's this for a sad story?

Shana Kay was passionate about reading. For that reason, her family decided to commemorate that love after her unexpected death in July 2005 with a bronze statue of a young girl on a bench reading a book. It was installed at her beloved local library.

But overnight Thursday, someone took the statue from the front entrance of Commack Public Library, 18 Commack Rd. It had been bolted and cemented into the ground and weighed as much as 300 pounds.

The suspicion is that it was stolen for scrap.

"It's unfathomable," said Jane Kay, Shana's mother, of Commack. "It's a sad commentary on humanity."


cemetaries, parks, everywhere.

some states are trying to pass laws to make it a more serious crime for salvage yards to accept this stolen metal: "...yeah, we just found this bronze statue of a girl reading a book out on the street like someone just threw it, wait, it belonged to my mom...wait, the little girl is me."

and check out the Shana Kay foundation for scholarships for high school graduates.. there's a picture of Shana drinking a glass of wine. you might want to use a different picture for your foundation page, maybe. and she died at age 19; what's the drinking age in NY?

is it necessary to be snarky about a dead girl?

If you looked at the entire site you would see more than just a picture of a girl with a glass of wine. You would also see that she loved Italy, perhaps it was taken in Italy where younger people do have wine with meals.

It could be many things, but what is even more evident is how she was loved by her family and friends. How they continue that feeling by providing a scholarship to a graduate of Shana Day's high school.

There is plenty of bad in thw world these days, try to look for the little spots of good.

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