Mecklenberg Friends of the Library seek to replace the $2 million in cuts through donations.

Even as they voted unanimously Thursday to shutter half of their branches, trustees for the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library system held out hope that a wave of public support would keep $2 million in cuts from taking place April 3. With the 12 closings will come 148 layoffs and the possibility of shorter hours at the remaining libraries... Reaction to the library closings has been swift, including a campaign unveiled by Friends of the Library during Thursday's meeting. The effort seeks to replace the $2 million in cuts through donations. It includes placing collection boxes at all library branches, and a donation link on the library system's Web site. Read more:


It is terrible that government has allowed budgets to get so horribly out of control; Americans deserve better and they certainly are entitled to have access to information that they can use to improve their lives. I don't know how all these cutbacks will change the face of American society, but I do know that it will alter it forever; for once Americans learn to live without local library access it will be very difficult to reinstate services even if budgets come back to what they were prior to this economic clamity. Libraries exist to assist all people, but notoriously they have served the underprivledged, those who can't afford to go out weekly for Saturday night entertainment, those who can't afford to buy books and those who need access to computers that most of us take for granted on a daily basis. Closing 12 branches of Mecklenberg is limiting access to those who most need it and doing a great disservice to the community.

HOW INCREASE DONATIONS: imbed Donation Page Links at MULTIPLE spots on site: in the update article, on information page, etc. Don't make people HUNT to try to give you money!! Take advantage of the impulse to give at the MOMMENT- don't make potential benefactors make one more more click than necessary! Put a DONATION PG LINK under the Library Signature of EVERY communication (renewals/ELF,whatever). Publish TWiTTER link(still cant find).Ensure Donation Pg Link is added to every online article or email ABOUT the library. Hv some one do an online search of the topic & have link added.(I had the CLT OB. just add a link online an hour ago) Also, is PLCMC eligible for Harris Teeter Toegther in Education program? This stuff seems so very basic and obvious- don't you feel the same?

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