Manga Library in Japan


Meiji University in Tokyo has announced plans to open a library devoted to the art of manga, the Japanese graphic novel genre.

Full blurb at the NYT


I think it is a very good idea because by now, the Mangas take an important part of the Japanese culture. I think that it will make Japanese people knows more of their country and their history. But I don't see how it can be a field of study. I mean the Manga is obviously full of historical and cultural reference but this kind of novels doesn't contain detailed about the history. There are only few information that everybody knows.
So I don't understand why some people can make the Manga a field of study. Can anybody explain it to me ?
Thank you

People would study manga like they study literature, art, or motion pictures. Manga is a broad category, but it's going to have some different themes and audiences than American comics due to being from a different culture. Also, the technique is somewhat different, although non-Japanese artists have adopted some of them. Read Scott McCloud's _Understanding Comics_ for an explanation of comic techniques, including some discussion on the differences in manga and American comics.

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