Man to Serve 140 Days in Jail for Beating Houston Librarian

He must serve 140 days in county jail for brutally beating a librarian in December. Here's the story about the assault incident.

The sentence against the man was finalized Wednesday after he reached a plea deal with prosecutors for his misdemeanor assault causing bodily injury charge. The 57 days he already has spent in jail will be credited toward his sentencing.

He pummeled a librarian at the Houston Public Library's Robinson-Westchase Branch after she warned him twice about his disruptive behavior. Houston Fox reported on the sentencing.


Three previous assault charges....and he gets less then a year for beating up a 50 year old woman? What a farce.....

Not only that, but the sorry bastard gets "credit" for the time he has been in jail already. Way I see it is the sorry asshat should rot in jail.

This criminal belongs in a state prison for 10 years, not a county jail for another 3 1/2 months.

What does it take? I mean, really?
Way to send a message to criminals!
Better get all those potheads, though, the violent bastards they are!

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