Maine Woman Protests Existence Of Genitals, Book of Exodus

JoAn Karkos of Lewiston ME is coming close to a night or several in jail for <a href="">checking out a book and refusing to return it.</a> "It's Perfectly Normal" is a young adult book about puberty. Mrs. Karkos believes that the book is "pornographic." Which makes you wonder why she didn't get "The Miracle of Life" DVD while she was at it. Perhaps some pregnant pervert already had it out.


Ahhh, an act of Civil Disobedience. Welcome to America.

Still, always remember that in the eyes of some, indeed, in the eyes of most:

Coincidentally, the image is kind of related to the situation.

Some books contain the machinery required to create and sustain universes. Tycho (Jerry Holkins) @ Penny Arcade

They just need to send her to a collection agency and ruin her credit until she pays for the book - then get the money and buy another copy :-)


I say throw her bum in jail. Pure and simple. She borrowed stuff; she refuses to return it. Sounds like theft to me. If she did not like the book, she could have left it alone. She took it to "make her point," let her face the consequences of trying to impose her narrowminded values on the rest.

She should be treated no differently than any patron who does not return material. The motivation behind her not returning the material is well....immaterial.

Send her overdue notices, send her a bill, if she fails to pay the bill follow the policy as to turning her over to a collection agency or or the cops.

It would be stealing if she didn't check it out, since she did it falls under a different area of the law.

I think it was a dumb thing to do because you don't like a book, but people do dumb things sometimes. However her motivation cannot be considered when she does not return materials....that is making librarians into the 'thought police'.

If she checks it out and says "I'm not returning it" doesn't take her motivation out of it? She took it and won't give it back. On purpose. Is that not stealing? Intent to permanently deprive and all that?

Her political views are a side issue and shouldn't have any bearing on her case or the library's actions toward. That's why we're talking about them here.

High comedy: if she does any time in jail have the prison library cart push up to her cell stocked only with copies of "It's Perfectly Normal."

I think we prosecute criminal behavior. I am not sure we can criminalize thoughts. I think 'hate crime' enhancements are nonsense too.

If you beat somebody up you should be prosecuted for beating them up no matter why you did it. Are some people more victim than others. Yes, nobody should be beaten up because they are gay, or black, or short or fat, or Portugese, but who cares why the idiot beat them up - put them in jail for beating someone up not, not how they felt about it.

High comedy, put her in the cell next to the weenie waggers and hookers.

Stealing isn't criminal behavior?

And the ideology only matters because it's ideology. You can't steal city property because you don't like it.

Stealing is criminal behavior that is why we toss people in the clink for it.

You can steal city property because you don't like it, you can steal it because your shoes are too tight. You are still stealing it and that is why whomever steals it should be thrown in the clink.

The story has no mention of genitals or Exodus. Did you mean to link to a more detailed story?

The fact that the book is about puberty gets the "genitals" part and "thou shalt not steal" is from Exodus among other places. I was just trying to be poetic.

P.S. It was me who submitted the story. I didn't know how to sign it.

This is a repeat of an old story I posted last September...not sure where 'Anonymous Patron' found this new version (or if he/she is just rehashing).

I hope they come down on her like a ton of bricks ;)

If that sort of thing happened where I worked I'd be removing the Bible the same day for 'content issues'.

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