Mack seems headed for takeover of Trenton Library branches, circumventing board and deposing director


Trenton, NJ, mayor trying to repurpose closed branches as Mayor's Learning Center Libraries, bypassing library board and administration:


I presume all the materials and hardware are still in the buildings? What do the state rules say about who has control over those items? If the Board is supposed to have control over the buildings ( which they have apparently lost at this point) I'm guessing they could still legitimately pull out everything in those buildings that was paid for from the Library's portion of the City budget. I wonder if any groups would be so willing to take over management of the "Mayor's Libraries" if there was nothing there to work with.

Is this the same Mayor Mack who is under FBI investigation, whose brother has been convicted of fraud in connection with City contracts, and who obviously doesn't know anything about the law concerning public libraries?

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