LSU recommends closure of MLIS program

LSU has recommended closure of the Master of Library and Information Sciences program due to budget cuts. The MLIS program at LSU is the only one in Louisiana. Here's an opinion piece on the closing from the <a href="">News Star</a>.


As an LSU graduate, I say don't.

Every librarian at my library in rural Louisiana is an LSU MLIS graduate. At least 90% of the librarians I know working at other libraries in Louisiana (and I know a lot of them) are LSU grads.

This is bad news for the state and, if carried out, will create a shortage of qualified librarians here. If someone has to go out-of-state to get their MLIS, chances are, they won't come back, because they can make more money outside of Louisiana.

Home, family, and a convenient MLIS graduate program keep many librarians here, but if they had to move anyway to get the MLIS, we'd probably lose most of them.

I moved here from out of state for LSU's SLIS, graduated, and have remained in Louisiana putting that degree to use.
The Chancellors, or whichever parties are responsible for making this decision, would be fools to cut SLIS. The LIS community may feel the pain immediately, but in the long haul the broader LSU and Louisiana communities will be paying for it.

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