Louisville: Can A Plague of Locusts Be Far Behind?

The Louisville Courier Journal editors send the residents of their town a message...'keep smiling'... following yesterdays torrential flooding which seriously damaged the downtown library (see story below) .

In the past 11 months, Louisville has weathered all manner of of wind, water and ice. After September's hurricane, January's ice storm, and yesterday's flood, we can't help but wonder whether a plague of locusts can be far behind.

The flash flood came upon Kentuckiana suddenly and forcefully, with six inches of rain falling in just an hour and 15 minutes. That makes it Louisville's most intense flood in recent memory: The 1997 flood, which produced a foot of rainfall, descended over a twelve-hour period.

Edit by Great Western Dragon: If you're interested in helping the Louisville Free Public Library, find out more here.

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