Looking Ahead To LISTen #84

Sometimes it is best to announce things in advance. Hopefully this is one of those times. Coming up on LISTen #84 there is planned to be a discussion of regulatory limitations. The specific regulatory limitations to be discussed relate to why the wireless functions of the Kindles and the new Sony device are not usable outside the United States. We'll be delving into some arcane history and talking about an intergovernmental organization that predates the United Nations through having been formed in 1885. While this may be more the territory of Hyperlinked History, sometimes such history can help explain tensions today. We can forget things and overlook things. Compared to the mammoth news empires like Thomson Reuters, the Associated Press, AFP, and others we do not even equate to having a skeleton crew. Tips on stories and segment submission proposals are solicited. Callers in the United States who want to leave a message can use the Google Voice widget below to leave a message. For those outside the United States, the Skype button below may be useful: Skype Me™! Segment submissions are potentially possible. Leave a heads-up through one of the two contact methods above and I will get back to you as soon as it is practical to do so. Be prepared to have an FTP space that I can access to download your file from.
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