"Look Inside" the effing librarian.

I probably haven't said it enough to bother me hearing it (although most other people would disagree), but the.effing.librarian has books.

I keep saying that all the librarian bloggers should compile their blog posts and publish them, but no one seems to want to do it. But I did it. And I'll say it again, it cost me almost nothing. I had to pay for the proof ($10), but that was all. Except for the 12,000 copies I purchased to try to influence their populariy on Amazon's bestsellers list. But other than that, it was pretty much free.

I used CreateSpace, an Amazon company. They supplied the bar code and the ISBN. And now what's cool is that when the book appears on Amazon, it also includes the Look Inside! feature.

I always like to look inside a book before I put it in my Cart then get busy and forget to Checkout and never remember to buy it. I forget to buy tons of books. And now you can do the same with all the books in the effing librarian's huge library (of two books -- how many books make a library anyway?).

So I feel like an author now. An author who no one knows and who sells no books... but not one of those bestselling, dime a dozen, authors you find in all the libraries. A special, secret author.

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