LJ Names 2010's Best Librarian

Congratulations to Louisville Public Library's Director Craig Buthod, named LJ's Librarian of the Year for 2010. Buthod appears on the magazine’s cover this month.

As you'll recall it has not been an easy year for the Louisville Public Library.

The award comes after a year when a flood devastated the main branch’s basement and the building’s heating and cooling systems. Buthod says the experience was crushing at the onset. “That was really, really rough, but that was about 24 hours,” he says. “And then there was a turning point were all of us saw — well, this is a big project, we’ve got to solve this. And it became a work project.”

Graciously, Buthod is proud to share the honors with his staff. He says the award is something earned by the library staff as well as Louisville citizens. Bravo to the Louisville librarians!

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