LJ Asks Readers to Pardon Their Dust

We at LJ recognize that our new website is not yet fully functional nor is all of our content available. Over the past several weeks, under our new ownership, we have been migrating to a new website and new content tools (as well as moving to our new offices in lower Manhattan...Library Journal, 160 Varick Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10013, Tel: 646-380-0700, Fax: 646-380-0756, General: [email protected]).

Not all of our archives have been moved yet, our newsletters have experienced delays, and our registration has been wonky.

We're optimistic that better functionality is on the way, and full content will return, but we ask your patience as we work through the problems.

As members of the library community, we take web presentation seriously, and we expect that our website will ultimately be an improvement over its predecessor. For example, we're using WordPress to host our blogs, and revamping our talkback platform to make it easier for readers to comment in response to articles, columns, and reviews.

In the meantime, please send any questions, concerns (including links to relevant URLs), or suggestions to [email protected].

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