Live Blogging Amazon’s Kindle Event


Kindle DX at the Amazon website.

If you are live-blogging or Twittering the release of the new, $500 Kindle you have to seriously question the choices that have led you to this point.

Take it up with the New York Times they are the ones doing it.

Kindle DX Seen As Big Man On Campus

Universities are taking note of a possible 9.7-inch e-reader from Amazon, which may mark the beginning of a major change in the buying of college textbooks.

Speaking as one who's consistently been skeptical about the likelihood that ebooks will mean the end of print books, I've also consistently said that ebooks *should* have a multibillion-dollar marketplace, specifically textbooks--but only if they're done right.

I was thinking of those K12 grades where kids have to schlep 15-25 pounds of books, but it's also valid for higher ed... if, of course, the publishers play fair: That is, reducing textbook prices not just by the 10%-14% represented by print costs, but also by the 25% (or more) that students can get back now by selling used textbooks, since it's unlikely you'll be able to sell a DRM-laden used etextbook.

Given that, I hope this works out.

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