"Little Old Librarians" will Get Dewey Deprivation Heart Attack says FL Sen. R. Storms

Florida Sen. Ronda Storms [R-Valrico] railed against the book-cataloging system during a budget hearing on state library aid, calling the Dewey Decimal System “anachronistic,” costly and just plain frustrating.
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Ronda Storms demonstrates once again that she has no conception of what a library is or what a library does.

Having said that, the difference between book organization at a Barnes & Noble vs a library is a matter of signage. Libraries group books into subject areas much like bookstores do, but they tend not to label the subject areas -- something that could easily be done.

Last thought -- I usually can't find anything at a bookstore without referring to an in-store map. At least I can get around a library without falling back on cartography.

I was in Barnes and Noble last night, and there were A LOT of people asking for help to find items. So if it's so perfect, they shouldn't have to ask.

Our Barnes and Noble has lumped several genres into the general fiction section, which is a royal pain. So unless you know a Horror/Sci Fi novelist by name, you're going to have to look through the entire fiction section. There is no way to browse sub-genres of fiction anymore. Although, Romance still has it's own section. ARGH!

Did you look at the picture on the blog? Did anyone else think it's ironic that she *looks* like the librarian stereotype that she is complaining about?

Every organizational system has problems. "English has too many letters. Math doesn't have enough numbers." People will complain about everything. What does she mean, Dewey is too costly? And has she been to a Barnes and Noble to find a book? It's a freakin nightmare! Every store is laid out differently with tables of "hot" items over here, bestsellers there, and bargain books piled up on the floor. Magazines are grouped by gender-interest... let's see how libraries would get away with that: "Yes, the Women's section is over here, Men are over there, Black interest is over there, Gay Lesbian Bisexual is over there. What? You want travel? You'll need to fill out this form."

I have people who complain that we don't organize the dvds in our store by actor. My response to them is usually, "Most movies have more than one actor..."

Shelving in our bookstore is complicated by the fact that we have to use the classifications that head office people put on the books. If it's wrong then floor staff then has to decide between putting it in a place that logic says it should be (and where people will look) or where the computer says it belongs.


If she wants her legislative agenda to be taken seriously maybe she shouldn't legislate under her stripper name.

Being an ecdysiast beats being an elected official and a lawyer any day.

I recall the old joke about the kindergartener who told his classmates his father was a piano player in a house of ill repute. When the teacher asked him if that were actually true he replied: "No but that is what my pop tells me to say, he is really a lawyer but I did not want to bring shame to the family.

Getting rid of a classification system itself does not immediately create savings. That the Library of Congress does not itself use Dewey is something lost on this state rep. Classification is an attempt to simplify the bibliographic universe. What this state rep proposes is making it far more complicated. DDC is controlled by an editorial team at OCLC and not LC, too.

As for banning public libraries using funds to buy things like season sets of shows such as 24 or Battlestar Galactica, that is probably a more useful course for her. For the cost of some sets, more books could be bought. That would potentially be an interesting area of discussion that has not been without debate previously.
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I am remarkably pleased that I don't live in Ms. Storms district. I am in the next district closer to the Gulf of Mexico. She is an embarrasment.

Even though she is a Republican I would vote for Barack Obama's uncle before I voted for Storms.

She has a law degree (as if I did not provide enough proof that any simpleton can get a law degree), and appeals to the voters in her district, much like a mobile home dealership.

Why when there are important things to worry about like the budget she prattles on about Melville's ideas. She is right we should either go to LOC, or perhaps color coding.

I swear that all Republicans are not complete idiots - we can't be some of us realize that Republicans like Sen. Storms are .... well whacky.

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