Literature-Map - the tourist map of literature

A Very Defiant Duckling Named Ender pointed me to Literature-Map - the tourist map of literature. "Looking to find similar authors? Type in the name of your favorite author and see it create a map of similar writers! "


Some very odd results -- Elizabeth Wurtzel's apparently the closest thing to Louisa May Alcott! -- and many authors' names are misspelt or in there with multiple spellings.

I agree with the previous post. I learned from my search on Ross MacDonald that his fans would be much more likely to love Erma Bombeck than Dashiell Hammett (or Daishel Hammet and several other variants). I also learned that Robert B. Parker is much closer to MacDonald than Robert B Parker. Many, many typos, misspellings and just plain wrong-headedness. A interesting idea and a start, albeit not necessarily a good one.

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