A Literary Approach to Speed Dating

Reading a good book is like falling in love - it’s exciting and keeps you on your toes. A real page-turner will have the reader staying up late nights and hardly able to concentrate on anything else for long.

But even an excellent book is no substitute for real love.

The Franklin Community Library in Elk Grove, CA hosted a speed-dating event for book lovers on Feb. 16 so that readers could share the titles that make their hearts throb.

Guests were instructed to bring their favorite, or least favorite book, to discuss during each five-minute date. Elk Grove Citizen.

If you were looking for love...what book would you bring?


i'd bring f. scott fitzgerald's 'tender is the night.' it brings to point the complexities of love vs. lust in such a poignant way, and in such glamour to entertain even the most modern renditions of have-it-all love-gone-wrong. it's *such* a good story.

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