LISTen: An Program -- Episode #173

This week's episode brings a very relevant audio news release about govdocs from the United States Department of Agriculture as well as an essay and a discussion of creating your own library's wish list like our example. Further links are below the fold.

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This Week's Random Links

Distribution Release: Linux From Scratch 7.0 ( News)
News and feature lists of Linux and BSD distributions.
Emergency Alert System Nationwide Test |
Fred Stoller - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
House takes Senate's bad Internet censorship bill, tries making it worse
Internet bandwidth report: Have we reached "Peak Netflix?"
LIANZA writes to major policital parties | Lianza
Linux Foundation Releases Document On UEFI Secure Boot - Slashdot
mvar writes "The Linux Foundation today released technical guidance to PC makers on how to implement secure UEFI without locking Linux or other free software off of new Windows 8 machines. The guidance included a subtle tisk-tisk at Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky for suggesting that PC owners won't wan...
Looks like Congress has declared war on the internet — Tech News and Analysis
A new copyright bill proposed in the House would give governments and private corporations unprecedented powers to remove websites from the internet completely, on the flimsiest of grounds, and would also force internet service providers to play the role of copyright police or face penalties.
MultiSystem – Create a MultiBoot USB from Linux | USB Pen Drive Linux
The Politics of Internet Freedom with John Markoff
US Christian broadcaster still believes in shortwave
Are Books Bad at Spreading Ideas? | Toronto Standard | News, Media, Art, Business, Technology, Fashion, Events
Commotion Wireless - Overview - Tech Projects
Conference on the Constitutional Convention : Harvard Law School, September 24-25, 2011
Conversation - Instances
Europe Rediscovering Seditious Libel? « The Volokh Conspiracy
Felicia Day » Blog Archive » RSS Rant
Floodgap Gopher-HTTP gateway gopher:// List.txt
House takes Senate's bad Internet censorship bill, tries making it worse
How the U.S. Consumes Real-Time Entertainment Online [INFOGRAPHIC]
ITU sees an internet full of developing youth • The Register
Jay Walker Continues Quest To Sue The Internet Into Oblivion With Patents | Techdirt
Kio gopher - KDE UserBase Wiki
Krauthammer’s Take - By NRO Staff - The Corner - National Review Online
Liberal whingers are wrong – we should shut our libraries - Telegraph
Looks like Congress has declared war on the internet | Tech News and Analysis
MT @swardley @cdaffara UEFI being used to prevent Linux installs - is *already* happening -
Netflix warns of more cancellations, shares drop |
New life breathed into evening news
Obama: Campaigning Like It's 1936 - Forbes
Obama’s leadership: Americans have lost ‘ambition’ and ‘imagination’ – Glenn Beck
Scrambling for spectrum: What to do when we run out • The Register
Speech by ITU Secretary-General - ITU Telecom World 2011:Forum Opening – Pathway to a Connected World
Steven Greenhut: Rural rebellion brewing The Orange County Register
Sunday Mirror must face Kylie's ex-lover in France privacy case • The Register
The next challenge: not too many people, but too few?
The Register: Global internet surveillance skyrocketing | The SWLing Post
The right to dual-boot: Linux groups plead case prior to Windows 8 launch
White House to kill all radio, TV broadcasts on November 9th – Glenn Beck
WikiLeaks' Assange says site might close this year - Technology & Science - CBC News
WikiLeaks halts publishing due to lack of funds - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
WikiLeaks says blockade threatens its existence

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