LISTen: An Program -- Episode #162

"And we're back..." This week's episode looks at what has been happening on LISWire and LISEvents as well as provides a news miscellany. The full links list is available below the fold after the "Read More" link. As we are consolidating ways we can be reached, please be advised that print correspondence and the like should be sent to: Erie Looking Productions P.O. Box 1658 Ashtabula, OH 44005-1658 United States of America

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Are you overpaying for smartphone data? | Signal Strength - CNET News
Most smartphone subscribers only use about 20 percent of the data in their monthly plan. But heavy data subscribers are flocking to Sprint Nextel, while light users looking for a good deal are going to T-Mobile. Read this blog post by Marguerite Reardon on Signal Strength.
Broadband performance study finds huge regional disparities in US
DIY Spy Drone Sniffs Wi-Fi, Intercepts Phone Calls | Threat Level |
What do you do when the target you're spying on slips behind his home security gates and beyond your reach? Launch your personal, specially-equipped drone to fly overhead and sniff his Wi-Fi network, intercept his cellphone calls, or launch denial-of-service attacks with jamming signals.
flickrfs - manishrjain
FuseCompress | Milan's Pages
Introduction FuseCompress provides a mountable Linux file system which transparently compress its content. Files stored in this file system are compressed
FUSEPod | Download FUSEPod software for free at
Get FUSEPod at Fast, secure and free downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory
Homemade WASP Spy Drone Can Hack or Intercept Signals | Video |
Unmanned Aerial vehicles may be moving from far-off battlefields to the home front sooner than you think. And considering one just unveiled, you might want to start worrying. Wired is reporting on the WASP -- Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform -- a spy drone created by two security consultants...
Is Social Media a Bubble? | Points and Figures
Linus Torvalds dubs GNOME 3 'unholy mess' • The Register
Linux creator calls for GNOME fork - News - Linux for Devices
Linux creator calls for GNOME fork News Linux for Devices: Linux creator Linus Torvalds weighed in on the debate over the controversial GNOME 3.0 desktop environment, recommending that someone fork the
PCWorld Can We Avoid the Mobile Bandwidth Drought?
The Almost-Free Toolkit We Use to Make Longshot Magazine - Alexis Madrigal - Technology - The Atlantic
Here's how to make a magazine by the seat of your pants using a suite of mostly free tools the good people of the Internet provide
PuTTY for Symbian OS
tagsfs - Music library file system - Summary [Gna!]
This server is a central point for development, distribution and maintainance of software. It runs on Savane.
Why Can't T-Mobile Attract Customers? | News & Opinion |
T-Mobile lost another 50,000 subscribers this quarter, so I asked my Twitter followers what they thought was the cause.
Technolog from - Welcome to the United States of Android and iOS

We know about the "blue state/red state" divisions in America, but now we have a map showing a "North vs.
Distribution Release: KNOPPIX 6.7 ( News)
Pioneering live-boot distro gets Chromium and LibreOffice - News - Linux for Devices

Media Changes

Fox challenges cord-cutters by sticking TV shows behind paywall
I am not a product.
Radio Australia trying to attract younger listeners
Radio New Zealand plans TV service
USPS Earnings: USPS Posts $3.1 Billion Loss, Warns of Default - CNBC
The U.S. Postal Service posted a net loss of $3.1 billion in its third quarter and warned again it would default on payments to the federal government if Congress did not step in.


Arlen Schumer Creates Captain Israel Comic in Response to Foreskin Man |
We all know Captain America, the superhero who has valiantly protected the United States on the pages of comic books -- and currently on the big screen -- since the fictional character was created back in 1941. Now, in an epic battle of whit and strength over anti-Semitism and bizarre expeditions against male...
Half of men would ditch woman who gained weight - poll | Reuters
If U.S. Cities Were Countries, How Would They Rank? - Atlantic Mobile
Vodkapundit » Wargaming the Electoral College
S&P Downgrades U.S. Debt for First Time -

LIS World

CILIP staff go back to the floor
Gisborne: Another Library Fighting The User Pay Arguement « The Room of Infinite Diligence
Rogue Downloader's Arrest Could Mark Crossroads for Open-Access Movement - Technology - The Chronicle of Higher Education
The Clueless Fight the Non-Power « Annoyed Librarian
Voices for the Library » Blog Archive » Mobile Libraries: Past Successes; Future Directions?
Wikipedia Is Losing Contributors | News & Opinion |
Celebrate Banned Sites Day! « Annoyed Librarian

LISWire Highlights

LibLime Academic Koha Selected by the Memphis College of Art | LISWire
Fulfilling Current Needs with an Eye on the Future—University of Maryland University College Chooses EBSCO Discovery Service™ | LISWire

LISEvents Highlights

Trends in Library Training and Learning |
Mid-South E-Resources Symposium and Mississippi State University Libraries Emerging Technologies Summit |
Digital Preservation: What's Now, What's Next? |