LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #69

This week's episodes deals with biological science. First up we have about five minutes of audio from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention in Atlanta on Swine Flu. Considering that most libraries are contact environments where such things could spread, this was deemed to be rather important. If circumstances warrant, further coverage may air unscheduled during this week. Following that we've got an interview with Dr. Kirsten Sanford, also known as "Dr. Kiki". A neurophysiologist by training, Dr. Kiki talked to LISTen about changes with Scientific American and how that modifies the knowledge ecology. After that segment, a network operations report is presented followed by the zeitgeist round-up. Related links: CDC Landing Page on Swine Flu Blog of Kirsten Sanford This Week in Science Systm at Revision 3
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