LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #62

We've got two interviews this week. In the first we talk to Rod Wagner, the director of the Nebraska Library Commission. Following that we talk to Nebraska Auditor of Public Accounts Mike Foley. Both interviews revolve around the same matter, namely the audit triggered when an unsuspecting taxpayer stumbled across a video of Nebraska Library Commission librarians on YouTube that did not look quite right to the taxpayer. There is a commentary following the two interviews discussing lessons that could be learned from the incident.

This episode is set to be a wild ride. Hold on to your seats and stay tuned.


So it'd be cool to get a precis of what the person saw, but I've not got time to listen to somebody yammer on about things, nor watch video.

Oh well.

Here's all that I can determine: A taxpayer saw a video of Nebraskan librarians, complained about some unknown matter, and thus triggered an official audit, perhaps of money.

-- Ender, Duke_of_URL

Hey Ender, Duke_of_URL, man, isn't it frustrating when people leave vital information out? Luckily there is something you can do about it!

When you wrote about what you could determine from the article you picked out specific words.

These are called "keywords."

Let's see what happens when we plug those "keywords" into an Internet search engine like Google . . . hey, I think we have something!

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I've never tried that before... I just send people links... that is so cool!!! with the floaty arrow and everything!

I do not have transcripts of all of it, but this is what is available right this moment:
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The interviews are related to this previous story that was on LISNEWS twice. In total the two stories have 2000 hits so I assume that is why the poster did not add additional information to the story.

I have listened to the interview and it is interesting. In this case LISNEWS has unique content. The local news station that broke this story did not have an interview with either of these people and they are two of the primary figures in the story. All the local news station did was to have their reporter stand with a guitar for part of their story.

Nebraska discovers its librarians: is Outraged!

Nebraska Librarians In Hot Water Over 'Rock Band'

For years, librarians have been dealing with clients who are always insisting the taxpayers money is being wasted.

Who has not dealt with someone becoming totally outraged when books that are too old and damaged to even be sold on a booksale table are thrown out.

I remember in one case ending up having to have those items boxed up and sold as scrap paper, even though doing so cost more in labor costs than the sum of money returned by selling the books to a paper recycler.

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