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Let's try out a different approach to show posts this week. Timings are approximate. Related links are interleaved. Due to length this is broken so as to not take up the entire main page which requires one to click "read more". Readers and listeners seeing this via RSS or a FeedBurner e-mail subscription are encouraged to visit LISNews itself to get the show break-down as well as the related links. 00:00 LISNews Netcast Network tag 00:20 Introduction, Zeitgeist, Congratulations to Amber MacArthur Retweet of news by Leo Laporte from Amber MacArthur News from Amber MacArthur 02:19 Public Service Announcement from the IRS 02:49 Linux Round Up Reference remark relative to the economy Story from The Register on Windows 7 types going to market Fedora 11 Alpha release announcement Release announcement for PapugLinux 09.1 Home page for MilaX Announcement on DistroWatch about KNOPPIX 6.0 CD Announcement of TinyMe 2009 Alpha 1 "Acorn" Home page for Gwibber 07:43 Public Service Announcement from the National Diabetes Education Program in the United States 08:43 Politics Round Up Direct link to Excel spreadsheet outlining compromise National Review Online's attempt to enumerate cuts made in the compromise New York Times story on the compromise that also tentatively identifies the dissident Republicans An example blog post relative to the patriotism issue Story in the Las Vegas Review-Journal about the possible disqualification of Nevada from stimulus funds for education 14:31 Replay of President Barack Obama's Weekly Address Released on February 7th 18:26 Public Service Announcement from 18:41 Show close As to the addressing mentioned in the show close, picture postcards should be sent bearing addresses in this form: STEPHEN MICHAEL KELLAT GENERAL DELIVERY HENDERSON, NV 89015-9999 Due to the peculiarities of the General Delivery service known elsewhere as poste restante, accuracy in addressing is hyper-critical. In due time we'll be able to afford a P.O. Box and this won't be as complicated. Until then, mail cannot be addressed to the show but to its presenter as a result of postal rules.


You mention Senator Ben Nelson is from Colorado. That is not correct.

I thought I checked that a few times. Senator Nelson represents Nebraska. My apologies. In the previous Congress as well as the current one, Nelson is a popular surname for Senators which did not help with confusion any. Ben Nelson is from Nebraska but Bill Nelson is from Florida.

Again, my apologies for that mistake.
Stephen Michael Kellat, Host, LISTen
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If you cannot afford a PO box wouldn't the simple fix be email?

Many cities do not accept general delivery. Hopefully you have checked that your city does.

No, the simple fix would not be e-mail. You likely paid no attention to what was said in the podcast itself. The notes this week were never meant to stand alone and separate from the audio. Further explanation of what QSL cards are can be seen at: and . While there are electronic QSL services available, they are lacking in tangibility.

As to the availability of General Delivery service, I just checked Saturday at my local post office. The clerk assured me that they handle such at my local post office. That should deflate the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) balloon you just launched. General Delivery may not be offered everywhere but for the purposes of LISTen it is available to the production crew and we're going to make use of it.
Stephen Michael Kellat, Host, LISTen
PGP KeyID: 899C131F

I listened to the whole piece and heard what you want to do with the cards. I don't think that you are going to get many people to send you a card. They need to get a postcard and a stamp and need to address and mail it. Not an impossible task but enough effort that most people will not bother.

Sounded like your point was to see where people where listening from. Why they couldn't just email this info I don't understand but then again I did not understand the purpose of most of the podcast.

I am not trying to be critical just to be critical. I just don't think the current podcast is worth listening to for most librarians. Maybe you could ask LISNEWS readers what topics they would like covered. You could ask them to send you a postcard via general delivery mail so that you would be sure to get no response.

Considering that we've done online surveys and openly asked before, we've never gotten a conclusive answer. Blake and I have reviewed those responses before. While it may seem like the current podcast serves nobody, one cannot be all things to all people. A survey with a hundred responses going a hundred different ways says there is no common thread.

All I am interested in this time around is postmarks which at least are location-based answers that cannot be forged as easily as the WHOIS data behind IP addresses. We have an IT consultant who has an address tied to a machine here in the valley that registers instead as being in Chicago so postmarks are simpler. In previous surveys location has been self-reported in inconsistent ways that we've not been able to deal with appropriately.

Right now, I am only curious about location. Topics are next. If sending to a general delivery address bugs you, the mark of good research skills is to find where I live. That's on public file and is a fairly simple search.
Stephen Michael Kellat, Host, LISTen
PGP KeyID: 899C131F

General delivery is available at every city post office. You are clueless.
Check the Domestic Mail Manual § D930

Why do you just make things up, we are (and I assume you are) librarians we should know to check authoratative sources.

Note that many post offices within a medium to large city do not have general delivery, and mail addressed to these zip codes will either be forwarded to the Main Post Office or returned to sender.

Real life experience with General Delivery in Vegas at the end of 08

Since we were to be there a week, we sent for our mail, which all goes to our Texas address. It comes to the local post office as "General Delivery". When we went to pick it up, there was a surprise for us - the post office we specified doesn't accept general delivery. Doh! Another lesson the post office before shipping. Our mail bounced around for about 4 days before it showed up at the only PO in Las Vegas that accepts general delivery.

Real life sweet heart. Even the PO does not read the Domestic Mail Manual.

A site that discusses getting your mail when you are RV'ing had this comment:

Step 3:

Plan your trip around small towns. When you need your mail forwarded to you, look on a map for a small town that you’ll be traveling through in five to seven days. Why a small town? Because you can have your mail sent to that town’s Post Office c/o General Delivery. Big city Post Offices probably won’t offer this service. The Post Office receiving your mail will hold it for 10 days before returning it to the sender.

Oh no: Rel life experience contradicting the Domestic Mail Manual

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