LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #58

Not only is this episode longer than usual, it is a bit more varied relative to topical matter. Tony Millett, a member of LIANZA's Copyright Taskforce and a spokesperson for the association, spoke to LISTen about the unique copyright situation arising in New Zealand. Joshua Ferraro, Chief Executive Officer of LibLime, spoke to LISTen about the new service launched by his company. Due to an equipment failure that interview was partially truncated although the surviving part is aired in the podcast. The final interview was with Andrew Breitbart, the owner of, where there was discussion about the creators of their mediums of expression libraries care for. The podcast wraps up with an abbreviated Linux report. Show-related links: New Zealand Computer Society on the copyright issue there InternetNZ on the copyright issue there Article from The Independent on the copyright situation in New Zealand LIANZA Press Release on the copyright situation in New Zealand Press release on the boot camp for all librarians, not just IT people, referenced in the episode Press release from LibLime about their service Opinion piece by Andrew Breitbart that led to the interview news portal Big Hollywood site Piece by David Harsanyi about dissent referenced in the interview with Mr. Breitbart Release announcement for Ubuntu 8.04.2 Release announcement for CrunchBang Linux 8.10.02 Release announcement for FreeBSD 7.1 Other related links: Morgan Webb announces the end to WebbAlert, which was recommended to librarians by LISTen in early 2008 "An Essay in Opposition"
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