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Visitors to <a href=""></a> will notice a new look and feel today as the newly-redesigned site launches. The redesign brings in line with current web standards and adds new content and features. Note that old links willl be broken; please update your links and bookmarks. Highlights of the redesign include: * Better integration of the forum and other interactive site features. * Job ads that, as always, are free to both job seekers and employers. * New content on education and career development, including information on MLIS scholarships as well as on funding conference attendance and other CE opportunities. * A more standards-compliant and accessible design. * A new logo designed by Wendy Koff, Librarian and Web Designer. * Updated links to outside resources; all links were checked manually in October 2008. * Improved organization -- information for both job seekers and employers is now easier to find. * Opportunities for sponsorship -- relevant organizations can easily reach an audience of librarians and info pros. "I'm excited to launch the new and improved to better serve librarians, library workers, and info pros at all stages of their careers," says webmaster Rachel Singer Gordon. "Stay tuned for more additions and improvements soon!" Love the new logo? Grab yourself a t-shirt at the new <a href="">Cafepress store.</a> Find a job on Join the <a href="">Flickr group,</a> upload your photo, and you could see yourself featured on the site. (Don't have a Flickr account? Email your photo and story to [email protected]) offers: * Free job ads * Free bimonthly professional development newsletter * Low-cost resume posting * A library career- and professional development-related online discussion forum * Career Q&A from Susanne Markgren and Tiffany Allen * Rethinking Information Careers, a regular column by Kim Dority * ... and more! Come, explore, join in, and become part of the community.


        Jamie McGlone has forwarded me your email public records
request of October 20, 2008 asking that the audio of the
interviews for the library president be made available via
and his email response to you indicating that he would make
arrangements to have that done.

Upon further investigation it has become evident that this is
not a simple task and one that would require many hours of
library staff time to accomplish.

The library will not be able to make them
available through the website.

        As Mr. McGlone offered initially I will reiterate his offer
to arrange a time at your convenience for you to come to the
library to listen to the audiotapes and to review the
curriculum vitae of the candidates.

Please don't hesitate to call him at
617 859-2366 to schedule a time.

Sincerely yours,
Ruth E. Kowal, Deputy Director

Cc: Jamie McGlone

Books are just the beginning

Boston Public Library
Copley Square & 27 Neighborhood Branches
Boston Massachusetts

617 536-5400

R. Kowal
Boston Public Library
P.O. Box 286
Boston Massachusetts 02117

United States Postage
Pitney Bowes
02 1A $ 00.42o
0004631092 Oct 24 2008
Mailed From Zip Code 02116

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