Library's Map Collection Poem

It's not often that poems are written about the special collections of libraries. However, University of Cambridge museums and collections have recently taken part in 'Thresholds', a poetry project whereby leading poets attached themselves to a different museum or library and were commissioned to write a new poem informed and inspired by the collections in that institution Imtiaz Dharker was the Poet in Residence at Cambridge University Library. During her many visit to the library she was shown some maps from the collection and was inspired by these, and in particular a world map from the Abraham Ortelius' "Theatrum orbis terrarum" published in 1584 (the map where the mended crack on the copper plate can be seen), to write a poem entitled: "When the copperplate cracks" She can be heard reading this poem, accompanied by a video which includes pictures of this map, at or So, who can map the future?

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