Library Wars: Romantic Comedy That Kicks Ass


Library Wars: Romantic Comedy That Kicks Ass
"When I told my two teens that I could get one manga by using my awesome powers at GeekMom, they both said, “Library Wars! Library Wars! Library Wars!” We had been checking them out from the library before, but it’s a popular series and we often had to wait. Viz Media graciously gave me seven volumes, and then I had to wait for my kids to go through them again before me. Library Wars: Love & War, written and drawn by Kiiro Yumi, is based on the original (non-manga) series by Hiro Arikawa. I did short updates on the series through Comic Book Corner awhile back, but decided it deserved a longer review. It’s that good"


I love Library Wars. I hope the live action movie is released in the US:

PS. When I log in as "ash966" it says it is either invalid or I have been blocked. Do logins expire?

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