Library Typos web page relocated

The web page "Typographical Errors in Library Databases" is leaving its home at Quinnipiac University. This is a result of the relocation of longtime Quinnipiac automation librarian Terry Ballard to a position as Assistant Director of Technical Services for Library Systems at the New York Law School's Mendik Library. The permanent home for the typographical errors page is now . A number of other regularly-visited pages that Ballard created are also being relocated, including his page of exemplary Innovative Interfaces sites and a list of Library of American Civilization microform titles available free on the web. A directory of these and other projects can now be found at . For further information, Ballard can be contacted at [email protected] . The typographical errors project started with a keyword inventory performed by Ballard at Adelphi University in the early 1990's that uncovered nearly 1000 likely errors to be found in library catalogs. Five years later, an online group was formed that kept a master list that grew to more than 7000 entries, thanks in large measure to listkeeper Tina Gunther from Biola University. This work led to the very popular blog "Typo of the day for librarians," which remains at .