Library takes pets; But director upset about makeshift animal shelter in Fitchburg

The Fitchburg (Mass.) Public Library is being used as an emergency animal shelter for the pets of residents who have been displaced by the recent ice storm and lingering power outages.


It is indeed an emergency. I think it is a fine place. They don't prepare food in the library so the health concerns would be minimized.

The odd last bit about the fire extinguisher seems to be helpful as the professional cleaning crew will be there anyway so why not have them run a mop around where the cages were. Why would you hire a professional firm to dust off some fire extinguisher powder, it is non-toxic. Very odd.

The podcast audio engineer shipped hazardous materials once upon a time. Since he is not here at the moment I will say that if memory serves, there are multiple types of fire extinguisher out there. That particular library might not have the power type.
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They are sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), potassium bicarbonate (purple-K), or monoammonium phosphate(ABC powder), at least the kinds that would be in a library.

I guess looking at the MSDS for ABC powder it is rated a 1 - slight hazard, and purlpe-K is rated a 1- slight hazard as well. I guess since we can't trust library employess to use a dust mask they have to call in the hazmat team :)

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