The Library Student Bill of Rights

The Library Student Bill of Rights:
From the perspective of a recent student and new professional, Char Booth submits the following as her impractical, idealistic template for a more practical, realistic library education. In full recognition that it is far easier to tear down than to build up, she leaves it up to the faculty and administrators of the library school world to do something about it.
1. The right to educate.
2. The right to evaluate.
3. The right to challenge.
4. The right to innovate.
5. The right to experience.
6. The right to explore.
7. The right to collaborate.
8. The right to redefine.
9. The right to develop.
10. The right to advocate.


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The right to...

Learn something that will allow me to secure a job with a living wage?

A degree program that does not make everyone I encounter ask :"You have to have a Masters to be a librarian?"

A few management classes that would prepare me for more than cataloging and reference so that if I ever get a management position I don't discuss buying a $97 trash can in a department head meeting for 25 minutes?"

$97 trash can?

That had better be a good trash can. What would it need to include to cost that much? Built-in compactor? Rocket engine?

There is hopefully a fairly mundane answer for that sort of a trash can.
Stephen Michael Kellat, Host, LISTen
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I was in a meeting where a trash can was discussed for 25 mins

Even with the horrible salaries of the librarians at the meeting the cost of the trashcan was exceeded by the cost of the time spend discussing it.

We decided to get a green one.

It seems the price has gone up since 20005.

if they don't approve number 10...

the rest of the list goes in the toilet. so maybe they should move it up to the top, huh?

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