Library Science degrees: worthless pieces of paper

County Tax Hike: Build a Bonfire, Not a New Library

"But residents should not be paying a library tax to build community centers. The library district needs instead to tear down the buildings it has, and start planning to sell off the buildings, and land, and go out of business when there are no longer ink-on-paper books. A Library Science degree will shortly go the way of English and Journalism degrees, as worthless pieces of paper. Soon, the Internet—and technology in general—will do what author Ray Bradbury predicted in his novel Fahrenheit 451 about futuristic America, where all books are banned and those found are burned. We are now slowly getting rid of books without any fires."


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Isn't that exactly why we

Isn't that exactly why we need libraries...?

Okay....have we all finished

Okay....have we all finished laughing yet?

Sadly, a good-size portion of the population thinks the same way this grumpy man does. When we craft or PR instruments, we need to consider these guys. They're crabby and they VOTE.


They are the ones paying for the services

I love my MLS.

Librarians might have become 'worthless' to the average citizen, but library science degrees are very useful. Mine helped me get the job I have now (of course I had to quit public librarianship and go to corporate America). I make a living wage and could even afford to get a PhD in information science.

Of course nothing I do is related to my MLS, but who cares it got me a job at almost four times my librarian's salary.

I did the same thing

Went corporate, and was hired specifically because of my research skills. I work in R&D and purchasing at an engineering company now, and will probably never go back to traditional librarianship. And I doubled my salary going from academic librarian to my corporate job. I use my MLS skills every day.

Filing for Unemployment

I'm heading for the unemployment office right after work.

Apparently my family is doomed

I have an MLS and my spouse has a journalism degree. (We're both using them too.)

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