Library puts books out of reach

Oxford's Bodleian Library has had book on high shelves for 400 years. The health and safety people took away the step ladders. Librarians refuse to move the books from their "historic location(s)." <a href="">More</a>.


I agree with the library's position: leave the books where they have been for hundreds of years. If it's unsafe in the 21st Century for humans to use ladders, then we don't deserve to have access to books (until we evolve taller or grow wings).

I wonder what their lead content is like....

Not having access to necessary books can be very inconvenient. Therefore, I believe Oxford university might be able to get the copies of the books in order for the students to use them for their assignments. Also, they can try to scan the book(like Google Books) and make it available online for the students to see.

The library's director, Laurence Benson said that he would prefer to keep the books in their original historic location. However, I came to think of something. Aren't books there for students to read? What's the point of preserving the books if they're not going to be read by anybody? Despite the fact that the books are very old, I believe if the students need them, they should have access to the books.

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