Library as Nursery

Is your library littered with old Easter basket grass, shredded newspapers and animal bones? Good, neither is the NYU's Bobst Library, but the twelfth floor window ledge outside the library where red tailed hawks Bobby & Violet have raised their baby, Pip, is kind of a mess. From the New York Times Hawk Cam, where city dwellers have been anxiously awaiting this proud day.

At 11:55 a.m. on June 23, the 49th day of her life, Pip the red-tailed hawk, reality star of the Hawk Cam, flew the nest.

She took off from her 12th-floor ledge at Bobst Library at New York University, glided across the southeast corner of Washington Square Park and down to the roof of Joseph and Violet Pless Hall, a seven-story building at 82 Washington Square East, perhaps 200 feet away.

“She was graceful,” the Hawk Cam chatroom regular Pon Dove reported from the field. “She just jumped and she just glided, as if she were aiming for that building.”

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