A Library for the Ladies

Did you know there's a National First Ladies Library?

Reading about the Obama daughters moment in the sun yesterday, this article in MSNBC referenced the library located in the home of Ida McKinley in Canton, Ohio and the librarian, Carl Sferazza Anthony. From the article:

When the (Obama) girls stood next to their father during the oath, they were participating in only a recent tradition. Bill and Hillary Clinton began it in 1997 with daughter Chelsea. George W. Bush followed suit with twin daughters Jenna and Barbara.

Amy Carter, then age 9, didn't stand on the podium in 1977, but she did get to walk the parade route at front with her parents, who abandoned their limo in what was called the "People's Inaugural." Her brothers, Jack, Jeff and Chip, though, walked behind.

Kids weren't always a part of inaugural ceremonies at all. The Kennedy kids, for all the attention on them, were not at the inauguration of their dad, John F. Kennedy. Caroline, 3, and John, an infant, were at the family home in Palm Beach, Fla.


Carl Sferazza Anthony is the historian, not the librarian, for the National First Ladies' Library. Martha Regula is the librarian.

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