Library graffiti at the University of Chicago


Graffiti here.


At first I thought this was an example of a Library providing a grafitti space for their users, which would have been neat. Oh well - it's still fun.

I wonder whether having official sanction for a graffiti area would be perceived/used positively or just negatively. Would certainly be interesting to see it tried.

Yeah, I remember this. There is tons of writing on the walls in the Stacks at all the little study spaces. It was fun to read when you were there late studying.

Some of my favorites from the men's room in the Wilson Library at UNC:
Faesito ergo sum (I crap, therefore I am)

or the one written in small script at the bottom of the stall door to the toilet in the Engineering Section, so you had to lean forward and closer to read it: "Congratulations! You are now crapping at a 45 degree angle."

or this one from the Geology Section restroom: "Give a teenage relative you love a piece of coprolite. Not only will they take the crap from you, but they will brag to their friends about it!"

R. Lee Hadden (These are my own opinions!)

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