The Library Game: A Reminiscence

Thursday, 5 August 2010 The Library Game What Are Libraries For? asks Brit in <a href="">Another Place</a>. One of the things they are (or, more likely, were) for is offering employment and a safe haven to otherwise unemployable freaks, casualties and oddballs like the young Nige. I spent 15 often happy years as a reference librarian in the public libraries of a London borough (interjection by Fast Show character: 'Libraries? I was in the library game meself, 15 years, man an' boy. 'Ardest game in the world, the library game...'). In fact it was remarkably easy work, especially when I found a niche in a reference department so well hidden away that many library users never suspected its existence. [continued here: <a href=""></a> ]


I have come across some lazy library staff in my time.
At one library the doors opened at 9 30am I was on the counter dealing with a queue of 15 customers and all the other staff were upstairs drinking tea.
They tried to flatter me by saying oh you are quick and we like putting books away too I left.

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