Library fight riles up city, leads to book-burning demand


A fight over books depicting sex and homosexuality has riled up a small Wisconsin city, cost some library board members their positions and prompted a call for a public book burning. Outside West Bend, the fight caught the attention of some old folks, who, with three other Milwaukee-area men, filed a claim against West Bend calling for one of the library's books to be publicly burned, along with financial damages.

The four plaintiffs -- who describe themselves as "elderly" in their complaint --- claim their "mental and emotional well-being was damaged by [the] book at the library."


I'd take a battery charge to whup the ass of a book burner in the process of book burning. Anyone want to play harmonica with me in central booking? C'mon.

I'm "elderly" too...but now I wanna see them dayum! Whooeeee!

I'll back you up Chuck!


how filfthy and full of illegal sex acts the Bible is?
Incest being the least of it!

Let them burn the books but then bring out the bibles for them to burn next ;)

It was either Terry Moore or Craig Thompson at a graphic novel panel at ALA annual who said something to the effect of, "if the Bible were put in graphic novel form it would be the most offensive book ever." Indeed.

You mean like this:

My sister who is a massage therapist actually has it. That link above goes to the collected bound version released in 1998. Individual part pieces highlighting stories have been available even longer.
Stephen Michael Kellat, MSLS

The Bible doesn't typically condone or promote "immorality" and the comparison is faulty. Books that talk about or discuss "immorality" are not the same as depicting, condoning, or endorsing it. Having said that, I am not in favor of censorship either, but think the comparison is simplistic and inaccurate. I think the case can be made against censorship without using the Bible as an example.

In another news story, it was mentioned that only one out of the four even lived in the area where the library is and that one person does not even have a library card. And yet, they feel that they are entitled to monetary damages...

In my mind it's unbelievable. The parents continue banning books - and this time with a new library board! Their final demand is not only to remove the books from the library but to destroy them in a public burning. I can only recur: It's unbelievable!!

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I think most people stopped taking them seriously once they called for a public book burning. I mean, c'mon, a book burning?

As a Wisconsinite let me vouch for the fact that people like these ones are not exactly commonplace from my experience. I think they just want some attention.

I thought this whole drama would have blown over by now. But it hasn't. West Bend's Director and YA Lib. spoke at an ALA panel a couple weeks ago on the topic. I'm from a library in the same system.

I think being public, libraries can't take out everything that makes someone upset. However, more balance is definately needed. I do get sick of seeing a lot of pro-gay books but nothing about it from a Christian perspective or about ex-gays or about the negatives of the lifestyle. If libraries are supposed to be public, they should be balanced on as many subjects as possible.

It is important to have balance within a library’s collection, but anti-homosexual material does not equal balance – it equals bigotry. As the homosexual community continues to gain more acceptance within society, the Christian perspective you refer to continues to reveal itself for what it truly is – a religion with dogmatic principles that are harmful to society. Public libraries should not alienate an important segment of society (homosexuals) by collecting insensitive material based on another segments primitive, intolerant belief.

No, it is NOT 'intolerant' or 'bigoted'. It is about just the opposite. Gays keep saying they want tolerance, but they aren't willing to tolerate other views. Christian beliefs are not harmful, it's the gay lifestyle itself that's harmful to society and that many believe is the real issue. The other poster is correct. It's wrong to whitewash the issue and allow pro-gay books but not have books that also touch on the fact that there are harmful and destructive sides to the lifestyle as well. It's also a matter of simple balance. Many sides of other topics are all covered, and this one is no different.

PS we are NOT primitive! It's true that Chrisitian beliefs have been around a while but God's truth never changes. Society can relable and redfine things all it wants but it doesn't change the truth that God has a plan for marriage and that same-sex relationships are twisted and a perversion of it. Who are we to say God's standards are wrong?
It's like I said...people don't want to extend tolerance both ways. They want tolerance but they don't want to give it as well. It's common sense. You don't want your beliefs insulted and mocked. What right do you have to say it's okay to insult us? Show a little respect!

I agree and support you 100%.

Well, I'd have to say that MY mental and emotional well-being has been damaged by hearing about people wanting to burn books in these "civilized" times.

Send 'em all north to wherever that Palin woman comes from -- they can all censor each other during those long winter nights.

Palin is to be applauded, not criticized. This nation would be far better with more like her willing to stand for the truth.

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