Library Christmas Tree Decoration made of Books

"2006 Christmas Tree made of books. I took this photo at the University library last year and was sure to tell one of the librarians how good an idea this was. As far as I remember the books were old reference books that weren't used much anymore"

Read more about it at:


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Thanks for this depiction of my photo - I'm very proud:-) - and look what this post inspired:


In case it makes you feel better, Anonymous, the NUC is still in regular use at rare book libraries like the one where I work. OCLC is full of things for interlibrary loan, but is still missing plenty of the 16th- and 17th-century publications, even after the merger with RLIN.

NUC Tree

It's the Pre-56 Imprints of the National Union Catalog.... have to admit, this makes me a little sad.... The Pre-56 was, in its day, the indispensible source, the OCLC, of the large library.

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