Libraries Will Survive...hey hey hey!

With all the doom and gloom, Sean Bonney, Graphics Designer at the Central Rappahannock Regional Library put together this video to cheer us up. The video follows one member of the staff as she deals with a string of bizarre patrons. About halfway through, a fabulous disco sparkle segues to our music video, set to the 1978 disco hit, "I Will Survive".


I laughed, I cried, I choked up...loved it!

that didn't suck. extremely embarrassing to watch, but far from sucking.

Alrighty. Faith and humor restored for another day.

"Electricity is really just organized lightning." - George Carlin

WAY better than that awful "Librarians do gaga" garbage!

I think budget cuts are just a tool for the management to 'impose' their decisions these days. If you see on one side they keep hiring the people who will make them feel secure and safe at their postion and all the yes sir/yes ma'am suckers. Economy is not bad, it's a tool, it's an excuse to suck blood out of workers even more...
Just a thought.

Sounds like "the man" is keeping you down

Let it be known that this is a system that has been cut nearly half of what they used to receive in funding from state and local funding. The new branch that is opening is only opening because all funding and contracts were secure well before the economy jumped off a cliff. The video was made to show the public that libraries are doing their best to truck along through the difficulties, but that we still need their support. A library can't survive on it's own, especially now.... All libraries need their patrons to verbalize their support to encourage officials to continue funding their systems- whether or not it works is up to the officials... but a letter or two certainly wouldn't hurt.

The economy * is * bad---I volunteer at a food pantry as well as at a library---but some few got very rich off the illegal and unethical actions that caused the housing crash, and now that things are bad and unemployment is high, employers find that people will work for less and that often temps with no benefits do the job okay for a lot less money. Or so they think; temps can’t provide “institutional memory” & are less likely to have as much dedication to service and quality as permanent employees. And gutting public services such as libraries weakens the economy and the society, but that does not seem to matter.

That's quite a theory you have there. The economy is not bad? yeah right. I'm not sure where you work but my state is in dire economic condition and is not issuing subsidies to libraries anymore (subsidies we relied on in the past to fund interlibrary loan, delivery, and other services) which means libraries have to pay more for theses services, which means budgets (in other areas) WILL be cut--along with other cuts that are neccesary because of a drop in local property tax collections.

It's not an invention of the big bad boss man. Its very real.

Excellent! A real lesson for our Brazilian libraries & librarians.
Murilo Cunha

It shows a lot of character to still have fun even when times are bad...and how about that vocalist- kudos

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