Libraries Receiving a Shrinking Piece of the University Pie

Libraries Receiving a Shrinking Piece of the University Pie
The simplest explanation to describe this trend is that the library has lost its coveted position as the intellectual hub of the university; that administrators don’t think of the library anymore — after all, information that arrives on one’s desktop must be free; and that students value the library more as a quiet place to nap between classes than as a scholarly resource. While these factors may be in play, I don’t believe they explain the trend.


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'information that arrives on one’s desktop must be free' is certainly what people think.
But even if they know there is a cost they are not aware of the true cost, or rather the cost if you have to do something another way (cost of per-article costs instead of a subscription for example). Managements expectations are very unrealistic in many cases.
The problem I see is that when you give students and staff access to something they expect that access to continue forever, and also expect it to increase rather than decrease.

It's only part of it but it's certainly an important issue.
It's only when they lose things or get charged personally they realise.

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