Libraries aim for more diverse staff

<a href="">Libraries aim for more diverse staff</a>: According to a 2007 report from the American Library Association, of the nation's almost 110,000 credentialed librarians -- that is, librarians with master's degrees -- 19 percent are men, 4.5 percent are black, and 0.5 percent are black men. The number of Latino men is just slightly higher -- 25 more nationwide. By comparison, black women make up 4.2 percent of credentialed librarians, with Latina women at 1.4 percent.


And once again we have people wanting diversity simply for the sake of diversity. As one commenter pointed out, so much for MLK's dream of a colorblind society. A person's background should absolutely play into the hiring decision, but race is not a part of that. Let's say that we have two candidates who are identical except one was raised in a suburban white middle-class neighborhood and the other was raised by a single mother in the hood. If I were at a library in a suburban white middle-class area I would probably go with the individual raised in the ghetto. If I were at a library in the ghetto I would probably go with the individual raised in the middle-class neighborhood. Why? Because those individuals have a different perspective on things than is common in the area. Simply wanting diversity for the sake of being diverse is nothing more than thinly veiled racism.

Don't you know that only a black librarian can provide service to a black patron because they share the black experience.

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