Librarianship A Top Profession for 2009

Danielle Dreger-Babbitt reports in the that being a librarian is one of the top 30 professions in the coming year (she has been in the field for 13 years). It ranks up there with physical therapist, veterinarian, and pharmacist. It has been on the list for several years now and it's no wonder why: it's a pretty awesome job.

Librarianship is an underrated career. Most librarians love helping patrons solve their problems and, in the process, learning new things. Librarians may also go on shopping sprees, deciding which books and online resources to buy. They may even get to put on performances, like children's puppet shows, and run other programs, like book discussion groups for elders. On top of it all, librarians' work environment is usually pleasant and the work hours reasonable, although you may have to work nights and/or weekends. The job market for special librarians is good but is sluggish for public and school librarians. Nevertheless, persistent sleuthing—that key attribute of librarians—should enable good candidates to prevail.


These descriptions of librarianship always leave a bad taste in my mouth. Not to be curmudgeony, I love my job, but we do not need more people who have misguided notions of what this profession is about. Where did "shopping spree" come from? That implies unlimited financial resources to purchase books and online resources and other items. After my meeting earlier this week, we are scraping to find money to fund some much needed resources. And I thought the job market for special librarians (corporate in particular) is not so hot.


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