Librarians under city scrutiny for e-chat

Two members of the Pollard Memorial Library staff in Lowell, MA, are being investigated by city officials for expressing their frustrations with a coworker. During an IM chat, they discussed, apparently in jest, covering for each other if the coworker was found dead. This is the latest story in a series of incidents at the Pollard Library regarding safety issues or staff conflicts. In March, the Lowell Sun reported that staff bypassed the Library Director and went right to the City Council to voice their complaints, and were later reprimanded by the Director for improper actions (citation: Lowell library workers silenced for speaking out about safety fears. Lyle Moran. The Sun. Lowell, Mass.: Mar 7, 2011).


The Library Assistants did not bypass the Director . If you had really read any of the articles in the Lowell Sun or listened to any of the meetings - you would know that they tried several times to get the Director to listen to then and they were ignored,. They didn't see any other way to get their safety concerns addressed.

This story gets even nastier

It's time for the City to do something about the 2 top administrators at the library before they cost the city a lot of money.

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