Librarian's glasses

<a href="">The Wall Street Journal today</a>, SEPTEMBER 18, 2008, has an article about how to wear eyeglasses when they are not in use. "Stylish Ways to Tote Eyeglasses." Fashion reporter Teri Agins answers readers' questions "Attaching your glasses to a chain -- like a necklace -- is the stylish and practical way to go. The look works best for women, though male and female athletes alike made Croakies, the brand that popularized elastic chains for sunglasses, into a hip accessory. You may be turned off by the old-fashioned caricature of a librarian wearing her glasses on a thin, cheap chain. But there's nothing geriatric about the new chain styles, some of which are as expensive as fine jewelry. Even the Goth craze has found its way here -- a $2,395 eyeglass chain in sterling silver with hand-hammered skulls by jewelry designer Loree Rodkin. The style has become a brisk seller at Luxxotica Group's upscale Ilori eyewear division in its Robertson Boulevard location in Los Angeles."
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