Librarian That Needs Advice? Ask The Boss of You

Need Advice? Ask The Boss of You

Are you a librarian, library student, someone in the information biz or someone that stumbled upon this blog by some horrible accident when looking for a dominatrix?

Do you have a problem? Issue? Concern? Need advice? Especially one related to the weird world of libraries?

Well, it’s your lucky day! I HAVE ANSWERS.

I mean, they might not be the right answer, but at least I’ll give you my honest opinion. I’m pretty bossy and not scared to tell people they’re wrong. This has been a fabulous asset to my personal life, as one might imagine.

So management issues, patron issues, career woes…send them on. Also, let’s face it, there’s a certain personality type that is drawn to library/info science work and that personality type doesn’t always co-exist well in the modern world. What I’m saying is, your problem doesn’t even have to be directly work related. I can tell you what you’re doing wrong in all areas of your life!

Just don’t ask me grammar questions because I’m from Appalachia and can’t talk for shit.

You can even ask your question anonymously. Part of the deal is that I’ll post the questions and answers here, of course, so come up with a cute name to sign your email with so I don’t have to make up a name for you.

Ready? Okay, awesome. Send your problems to bossofyoublog AT gmail DOT com

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